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This service is only valid for websites in the European Union, USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Websites in other countries are not supported in the publisher service

without donating the amount of 10 Euro via paypal, you cannot be a publisher. After completing the form you will be directed to paypal. 10 Euro !

0.003 Euro / visit ;    cpm 1 Euro; cpc:0.01 Euro;  for 3 banners/page.
Max 6 banners/page !
payment threshold: upon accumulation of a provision of 500 Euro Paypal services only
and only after the first 3 months of banner display.
There is no lower or upper display limit.
Violating the conditions leads to the loss of money and the cancellation of the account.

attention: the available formats are 300×250 and 350×60. They are currently the only banner formats available

to become a publisher, you must donate 10 Euros to create your account, the donation is made through payapal

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you will receive an email within 14 days. You can add new website urls only after the approval of your request by communicating this to us through